Gaming takes pride of place at ChinaJoy
Released in 2017-07-31


A mobile game based on the hit TV series Game of Thrones as well as e-sport or game competition were highlights at Chinajoy, or the China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, over the past four days.


Shenzhen-listed Youzu and Warner Bros announced to kick off the new mobile game during Chinajoy, marking the first mobile game license issued in China to the US company’s interactive entertainment division.


China, now the biggest game market globally, offers opportunities in top literature and film titles through cross-industry integration, said Chen Libo, chief operation officer of Shanghai-based Youzu.


By June, there were over 507 million gamers in China, up 3.6 percent year on year, an industry report said.


E-sport, or game competition, is one of the fastest growing sectors in China, and Chinajoy featured live onsite competition in games such as Overwatch and Counter-Strike at the booths of Nvidia and Blizzard.


E-sport is now a eco-system in China covering not only games but also thousands of net cafes with e-sport ready gears nationwide and online e-sport broadcasting platforms, said Jams Zhang, Nvidia’s global vice president and general manager of China.


Chinajoy, the biggest game show in Asia, closed yesterday after drawing more than 342,700 visitors.


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